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A unique training app, allowing Wanderers fans to improve their game and test their skills with help from their heroes.


We wanted to demonstrate NRMA’s commitment to football, the Wanderers and also to the Western Sydney community. We looked beyond the club itself and discovered that there are more registered amateur football players in Western Sydney than anywhere else in the country and set out to make their football experience better.

Working closely with National Youth League Coach Trevor Morgan and players at the club, we developed a unique training app which launched on 4th November 2014 and was evolved further for the 2015/16 season.

The app includes skills and training techniques from the Wanderers A-League, Women’s League and the National Youth League players. These cover a range of different Goalkeeping, Team, Ball and Striking and Heading skills.

All activity was supported through media, search and club comms.

The 2015/16 season also sees the addition of the NRMA Insurance Backyard Challenge.



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