Google Play at the Cricket

Client: Google

Experiential / Sport


Using Google technology create a synergy between cricket and music.


To promote Google’s new music platform Google Play, we built a unique, branded cricket net outside the Sydney Cricket Ground and invited Sydney Sixers fans to give us their best ball.

Fans had their bowling speed calculated digitally, and a music track with the same corresponding beats per minute was instantly triggered for 20 seconds. The quicker the ball, the more upbeat the tune.

Not only was this an opportunity for hundreds of cricket fans to show off their skills before the game, but it showcased Google Play’s ability to give it’s listeners access to millions of songs, anywhere in the world.


Over 500 fans

Matched their bowling to a song by taking part in the activation

Over 35,000 fans

Witnessed the activity

145 KM/H

Brett Lee’s ball, the quickest over the course of the activation

Google Play

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