Westpac owning City2Surf

Client: Westpac



We looked at the start and end of the world’s biggest race, Sydney’s City2Surf and worked out how Westpac could make it better, and stand out from the crowd.


At the start of the race, we got runners prepared with a mass stretch, and managed to break a Guinness World Record in the process. With over 23,000 people involved, this enabled mass exposure of the brand across race-goers and mainstream media.

Post-race we created The Westpac Red Zone an exclusive recovery lounge for Westpac customers featuring free massages, guided stretching, food and drink, seating and a commemorative photo installation.



Westpac customers entered The Westpac Red Zone.

83.5% Positive Sentiment Increase

Of the surveyed attendees 83.5% thought more positively of Westpac after witnessing the activity

1 Guinness World Record broken

23,000 people joined in with the pre-race stretch.